Take the CCC Online Test 20 Questions in 2023 – Free Practice Questions and Mock Tests

The Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) online test is a vital examination for individuals aiming to showcase their computer literacy skills. This blog post will guide you through the essentials of the CCC online test practice, including exam resources, bilingual questions, and tips for success in the “ccc online test 20 questions” format.

Top CCC Question Paper in Hindi 2023

Top CCC Question Paper in Hindi 2023

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OSI Model में कितनी लेयर होती हैं?

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2. Question

क्या बिजली चले जाने के बाद ROM का डाटा मिट जाता है?

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3. Question

Internet Explorer बहुतायत में प्रयोग होता है?

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4. Question

एम एस एक्सेल में पहली रो और पहली कॉलम का एड्रेस है?

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5. Question

RBI द्वारा जारी किया गया अधिकतम मूल्य का नोट है?

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6. Question

भारत में इंटरनेट की शुरुआत कब हुई

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7. Question

Header व Footer प्रयोग करने पर सभी पेजेस में समान रूप से दिखाई देता है

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8. Question

पैराग्राफ में पहुंचने की शॉर्टकट की है?

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9. Question

XML का पूर्ण रूप है?

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10. Question

PROM का पूर्ण रूप है Permanent Read Only Memory

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11. Question

Exlc MS Excel फाइल का एक्सटेंशन है?

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12. Question

File के खुली रहने पर उसका नाम बदला जा सकता है

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13. Question

निम्न में कौन सा डोमेन नहीं है?

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14. Question

किसी फाइल में Text सर्च करने की शॉर्टकट की है

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15. Question

RS-232 क्या है?

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16. Question

MS Office, Photo Editor किस तरह के सॉफ्टवेयर हैं?

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17. Question

SRAM का पूर्ण रूप है?

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18. Question

Window Logo Key + E से क्या होता है ?

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19. Question

PEM का पूर्ण रूप है?

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20. Question

UTP का पूर्ण रूप है?

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21. Question

SMPS का पूरा नाम क्या है?

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22. Question

रो और कॉलम डिलीट करने की शॉर्टकट की है?

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23. Question

इंटरनेट की शुरुआत कब हुई?

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24. Question

निम्न में CD क्या है?

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25. Question

Email मे e का मतलब क्या है?

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26. Question

मॉनिटर सीपीयू के अंदर देखने वाला एक सॉफ्टवेयर है

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27. Question

अटल पेंशन योजना (APY) के माध्यम से न्यूनतम कितनी पेंशन मिलती है?

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28. Question

वह कौन सा स्थान है जहां पर टाइम और डेट दिखाई देता है?

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29. Question

Header मे image और text दोनों लगा सकते हैं

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30. Question

सेंड की गई Email कहां पर Save होती है ?

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Short Summary

  • Take the CCC Online Test 20 Questions in 2023 – Free Practice Questions and mock tests.
  • Access comprehensive mock tests to familiarize with exam format, identify strengths & weaknesses, and increase chances of success.
  • Prepare for the bilingual CCC exam by studying course material in both languages, utilizing study materials & taking practice tests.

20-Question CCC Online Test Practice

Before beginning to tackle the CCC Online Test 20-question format, it’s important for students and professionals alike to assess their computer knowledge and identify any areas that may need more attention. This practice test provides a great way of evaluating one’s understanding of computing concepts as they prepare for the main CCC examination. It is designed in such a way as to be an essential tool when preparing for this type of assessment.

The online test will also prove helpful since taking it allows candidates to see if they are truly ready or not by testing their knowledge with 20 questions. Ultimately, its purpose is to make sure people become better equipped before trying out on the real exam thus ensuring success at every level!

Test Structure and Format

The CCC Online Test is a 90-minute exam with 100 multiple choice and true/false questions, of which 50 must be answered correctly in order to pass. To familiarize themselves with the type of queries they will face on the test day, candidates can practice using 20-question tests – this way it’s easier for them to measure their level of preparedness.

Mini exams are available too. These consist either 10,20,30 or even up to fifty questions provided in English language that may prove useful for those who want to hone down certain topics through shorter period intervals. Depending on difficulty levels and preparation put into it by each participant as well as various score categories within such assessments. Scores might vary accordingly.

How to Access the 20-Question Test

For preparation for the CCC online test, websites such as and offer free practice questions and mock tests covering a wide variety of topics including basic computers, operating systems (OS), MS Word application, networking & marking techniques amongst other essential subjects like cyber security & future skills.

Gaining more understanding about these concepts through regular self-assessment practices helps enhance your time management too, both are imperative to clearing the actual certification exam with flying colours!

Comprehensive CCC Mock Tests

Candidates who are preparing for the CCC exam can gain a more comprehensive practice experience with mock tests that encompass all topics in its syllabus. Websites such as offer free online exams and trial runs so students have an opportunity to become accustomed to what it is like taking the real test under simulated conditions. The ability to do this is essential for any pupil looking for success on their upcoming CCC assessment!

Test Features and Benefits

The comprehensive mock test includes a selection of different question types, allowing you to understand the structure and format of the CCC exam. After answering each problem in these tests, you will receive immediate feedback on your results so that you can recognize which areas need more focus during preparation. Some online providers offer leaderboard loading which permits participants to compare their performance against others attempting the same task as an extra incentive or challenge.

A 20-question CCC based assessment is available online that covers various topics related to this subject matter. Upon completion, it’s imperative to review all questions regardless if they are right or wrong in order better absorb and retain information from said material before taking exams pertaining thereto. Practice with such exercises regularly enables individuals to gain a strong comprehension of concepts within given areas consequently improving chances of success when facing real situations like those encountered while tackling actual ccc examinations.

Accessing and Taking the Mock Tests

By taking advantage of online exam portals such as, and CCC Online Practice Test, candidates can access mock tests to prepare for the Computer Course Certificate (CCC) test effectively. Such websites provide complete assessments that are based on realistic assessment scenarios which assist in getting acquainted with questions types. Time limits involved etc., enabling individuals to build a strategy regarding how they need approach while tackling this examination in order to score good marks overall. These practice exams prove beneficial by improving one’s understanding regarding what type of topics will be questioned during the real CCC Exam.

Bilingual CCC Exam Questions

The CCC exam questions are tailored for students who can comfortably use both Hindi and English. Giving them the chance to apply their skills in each language while preparing for the test. Through this, they get ample practice which leads to better results on the CCC exam.

Topic-wise Bilingual Questions

The CCC exam questions are created to assess a person’s understanding of computing fundamentals, operating systems and software programs in both Hindi and English. For bilingual preparation, it is important to get hold of study materials written in the two languages as well as engaging with mock tests from previous exams along with online discussion forums for added help. Practicing this way can give you more confidence when taking the actual exam, either in Hindi or English.

Tips for Bilingual Preparation

To be successful in the bilingual CCC examination, it is critical to become familiar with both English and Hindi material relevant to the course. Using dual-language educational resources, looking over syllabi written in both tongues and taking test simulations are necessary for a complete grasp of all subject matter.

Connecting with other applicants studying for this exam online can provide helpful insight as well as moral support throughout their preparation process.

NIELIT CCC Exam Syllabus Update

In order to guarantee success on the CCC online exam, it is essential to stay updated with the most recent adjustments in syllabus. For the 2023-24 academic year, a new curriculum has been established which contains 100 multiple choice objective questions without penalties for incorrect answers and covers topics like computer introduction, operating system fundamentals, word processing operations along with spreadsheet applications, as well as presentation techniques such as internet Introduction & WWW, email features etc.

The up-to-date syllabus of the NIELIT CCC Exam remains indispensible while taking part in this particular ccc nielit test or indeed any other related exams/quizzes concerning ccc (or even Nielit).

New Topics and Revisions

It is necessary to be acquainted with the revisions and new topics introduced in NIELIT’s updated CCC exam syllabus, such as computer fundamentals, operating systems, word processing tools like spreadsheets and presentation software. To successfully navigate through these changes in preparation for the test, it is essential to use available resources such as books, online content or practice exams. With this type of approach one can attain comprehensive knowledge on all course material while simultaneously increasing their chances of excelling at a CCC exam.

Adapting to the New Syllabus

If you wish to do well on the CCC exam, then it is important for you to be proactive and stay up-to-date with all of its syllabus changes. Be sure to carefully review any updates that have been made, take advantage of practice tests and simulations featuring modified content, as well as utilize online educational tools in order boost your learning experience.

By understanding the latest revisions to the CCC examination’s specifications thoroughly while also adapting one’s study habits accordingly, they can build a more comprehensive knowledge base around this course material that will improve their odds of passing successfully.

Essential CCC Exam Resources

In order to do well on the CCC exam, one must use helpful tools and materials. These include course books, practice tests, mock exams, as well as online support forums for discussion and advice. Below we will examine some of these recommended resources which can assist you with your prep work for the CCC test.

For instance, there are textbooks specifically designed for this type of assessment that offer guidance throughout each step in preparation. Offering up practice material such as sample questions or quizzes from past examinations. There are also a wealth of online tips on how best to approach taking it along with apps available like question banks aimed at preparing candidates properly before their official date. All these items make studying easier, so those tackling the ccc have an advantage when it comes time to take the test.

Recommended Books and Study Materials

When studying for the CCC exam, it is essential to have the right books and study materials. For this purpose, Agrawal ExamCart’s Hindi-language CCC was created. Book along with Examcart’s complete collection of examination material can be helpful resources. They cover all relevant topics under the syllabus thoroughly while also providing sample questions as well as practice tests on different sections of said content.

Besides these book references, one should review throughly every aspect outlined in the program structure including question types found in past papers -this will help individuals become more familiarized with required methodology during assessment day while highlighting any areas that require improvement. Attention or improvement from their side before taking part in such examinations successfully. As a result, using both sources together allows applicants to deepen their understanding within a given topic thereby increasing opportunities for success when undertaking CCC exams eventually.

Online Resources and Apps

Various online platforms offer a wealth of resources to equip students for the CCC exam including e-contents, sample questions and live interactive classes. provides free practice exams which allow test takers to gain experience in realistic conditions. With access to mail updates, apps and other tools available on these sites, you can build your knowledge base around the topics covered by CCC tests and stay up-to-date with any changes or developments that may be relevant when preparing for an upcoming assessment.

Tips for Success in the CCC Online Exam

To do well in the CCC online exam, having a proper strategy is crucial. Time management and revisiting incorrect questions are two key elements to bear in mind for effective preparation. Keep up-to-date on changes to the syllabus as well as making use of helpful resources such as study guides, online tools and apps can also be advantageous.

In order to maximize your potential success in this online test, we have provided some tips below which focus on time management strategies along with how you should approach any inaccurate answers given during practice tests or revision exercises. By taking these steps into account combined with utilizing beneficial materials like books from recommended sources, studying becomes much simpler so that you may reach your academic targets when it comes to passing exams pertaining specifically to CCC requirements.

Time Management

Time management is an imperative component of achievement in the CCC online exam. With a limited amount of time to finish, it’s essential to devise a strategy that allows you to answer all the questions efficiently. One way would be assessing how much time each section and number of questions has been allocated for, thus enabling suitable allocation to each single question. When taking this examination, prioritize those queries which are familiar as opposed to one’s uncertain about. Maximizing your score while within the designated timeframe being met.

Practicing with past papers & mock tests helps shape up test-taking tactics helping improve your skills at timely administration during such exams as mentioned above (CCC).

Reviewing Incorrect Questions

When preparing for the CCC online exam, it is important to thoroughly review both correct and incorrect questions. Going through each query can help you understand why a particular answer was chosen, allowing you to identify any knowledge gaps or areas requiring improvement. Study. Practicing with mock tests and previous papers will bolster your comprehension of the course material while helping refine overall test performance. By engaging in this strategy of reviewing all questions on an individual level, one should be able to optimize preparation for their CCC examination.


To succeed in the CCC online test, it is essential to be properly prepared. This can involve getting acquainted with updated syllabus changes and utilizing a variety of helpful resources including recommended books, study materials, apps, as well as online aid. With such preparation tactics at hand, you will surely perform efficiently during this computer literacy assessment. Take advantage of this opportunity today and make strides towards success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the 20-question CCC online test?

The CCC online test is a 20-question, multiple choice examination with an allotted 30 minute timeframe. The questions are taken from various areas such as mathematics, language arts, science and social studies in order to support students’ critical thinking abilities and their knowledge of the topic they are researching. It provides great opportunities for learning growth among pupils tackling this exam.

Are bilingual CCC exam questions available?

For students to have success in their CCC exams, bilingual questions are available. These exam inquiries come with both Hindi and English language versions so that the CCC test can be completed without difficulty.

What is the latest update regarding the NIELIT CCC Exam Syllabus?

Familiarizing oneself with new topics and revised material of the CCC Exam is extremely crucial for those taking it in the 2023-24 academic year. This updated version, released by NIELIT, covers everything necessary to succeed on the exam. In order to effectively prepare for this CCC test one must be aware of all changes that have been made, knowledge which will lead you closer to a successful result!

Which books are recommended for CCC Exam preparation?

ExamCart’s CCC Exam Books Collection and Agrawal Exam Cart CCC Exam Books Collection. Book Hindi are two outstanding resources to use for preparing for the CCC exam. Both sources provide vital information on this test, which is designed to evaluate competency in Computer Concepts (CCC).

What online resources and apps are available to assist with the CCC exam?

For those planning to take the CCC exam, there are many helpful online resources that can be utilized. Guruji24 offers free exams and simulations along with e-Contents for coursework related to the test, sample questions as well as live interactive classes available through their platform. This type of guidance is essential when striving towards success on this important assessment. One may benefit from additional training sessions which can help prepare them in achieving a passing grade on the CCC examination.

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